Silent Disco Party and Live Set

Thanks to all that could make it to my gig at the Silent Disco arena at the River’s Edge Music Festival. It was an awesome time. Below you will find my recording that is downloadable.

There was some technical difficulties for the people who were at the event listening, but not on the recording so you will hear the whole thing without the glitches.

Thanks to Sound In Motion for having me out to play. It was a great time!!

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Post WMC 2012

We made it through! Woot! What a great trip to the 2012 WMC. Beautiful weather. Great people. Awesome music. Its interesting to return to Minneapolis and not hear all the Oontz, Oontz, Oontz, Oontz. I admit it was a little tough falling asleep without all the sounds from crazy South Beach.

The CHFM party was absolutely great with a minor hiccup, but I am thankful to have some great friends who secured me another gig down there at the Swaggered party.

Note to self: Next time I go, save more money, get a condo, and make sure I dont drink a huge Mojito at the end of the night.

If you were down there and I missed you, I will definitely see you again next year!

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WMC 2012

What up? Only several days away and I am already giddy about getting down and seeing some of the best DJs and Producers on the ones and twos. Coming up March 16th-25th is the 2012 edition of the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL USA.

And whats going down? A shit ton, but what I am most excited about is that this is my first year visiting AND playing! So if you are down there and want to come say hi, this is what you do:

Go to this on Tuesday, the 20th at the Clevelander Hotel. I’ll be playing along side the greats such as DJ Mes, Kinky Movement, Corduroy Mavericks and many more!

CHFM Family Affair WMC 2012

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Great Weekend!

I have to say, last weekend was probably one of the greatest weekends for House Music lovin IMO. Of course I am biased because I DJed two of the bigger events in the cities. I guess what I mean though is that being a part of these two events (even if I opened both of them) help build stronger my bond with House Music.

House music for the WIN this weekend for sure.

Friday Night “House Proud V.3″ at Honey:

Below is most of my opening set at Honey Lounge in Minneapolis, MN. Live recording with instrumentals by Chuck Love (honored!). There were 2 people on the dance floor at 10pm. buy 11:30 I would say close to 200 people were in this small club and groovin’ to the music. Both Brownie and Bryan Gerrard (Celebrity Records) played and god only knows how packed it got (I had to bolt a little early to survive).

Saturday Night HotDish “Throwback III – GLow Party” at First Avenue:

Saturday night was the long running HotDish party at First Avenue Nightclub in Minneapolis, MN. Holy crap was that a party too! I was a little nervous, cause this is the show that me and Nate Laurence are responsible, and after Friday night, I was a little worried that people wouldn’t come out because they were recouping from the House Proud show.

Boy was I wrong. This was an insanely fun party as you can tell from the picture below. It was indeed one of the best nights ever for HotDish. All the great costumes and outfits. One girl was glowing so bright from the black lights, she was burning my retinas (Ehem, Holly).

Natas, the second DJ that played that night threw down some classic tracks that I totally forgot about that still control the dance floor. Our closer and one of the best known DJs in Minneapolis and surrounding, E Tones, was an absolute GEM on the decks. When he comes through, just expect your body to be controlled for his entire set. Both were such a pleasure to have in and HotDish cant thank them enough.

One huge element that was missing though was Nate Laurence. Unfortunately he couldnt make it to this show. I felt really bad about him missing this. Plus he was so instrumental in making this happen too.

Maybe later I will update this post with my mix from that show (it was recorded live also). But for now, if you stare at the pic long enough, you will get an idea of how dope that was. To all that came out and partied, huge thank you. The vibe in there was incredible.

HotDish Throwback III - Glow Party - Nov 5th 2011

Click for More Pictures

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Fall Deep

This is my newest promotional deep house mix. Please enjoy and share with your friends. Its a mix that is close to my heart and soul.

If you have not, please like my fan page on Facebook. Its fairly new but my plan with it is to keep people aware of the gigs and mixes I have coming up.

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HotDish 2 Year follow up

Wow, its been two years now and me and Nate Laurence celebrated our two year anniversary of the monthly party we do at First Avenue Nightclub called HotDish. I had a blast and I know that Nate did too. We had DJ XEL ( a Chicago transplant now living in Minneapolis) open for us and his set was PROPER! Nate and I had a good hour and a half to rock it and indeed we did! It was all smiles up in da club. LOL

After which, Lady D closed the night with an absolutely amazing set. Seriously. Mind Blowing.

If you want to check out the live recording from Me and Nate’s portion of the night, listen below!

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Upcoming Events

Yo, yes I have been incognito. Been super busy lately with music, work and life. Happy to say though that I have a few cool gigs going on this summer for you to check out!

July 2nd, 2011 – HotDish (J Matthews and Nate Laurence) Presents – Atnarko and Jevne

August 6th, 2011 – HotDish presents – TBA

August 12th, 2011 – HotDish @ 12th Dimension

Yes, not much cookin right now, but I planned it that way. Been trying to get stuff done this summer. But stay tuned by adding me on Facebook where I am more apt to keep you in the loop!


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J Matthews now on Facebook!! (again)

James Matthews on Facebook

Click to get to J Matthews on FB

I’m back! If you are looking to add me back as a friend on Facebook, you can now find me here:

I have made several attempts to contact Facebook to get my old account back, but they have not replied to any of my emails to multiple email accounts they provide for problems like mine.

Come to think about it, what if it was a super bad problem, like some child molester hacked my account and I was trying to contact Facebook to let them know?!

Anyway, I dont want to rant about it. Just wanted to get the good word out there! :)

Lets all go party hard now!

J Matthews (a.k.a.o.fb James Matthews)

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Facebook, You Suck

Hey Facebook, I hope you are reading this.

Today my account has been disabled because they think that I am a “Fake Profile”. Really Facebook? Ive been using that account for 4-5 years and you NOW think that I am fake? Well, I hope we can get this situated because I am very real and I dont understand why you turned on me.

If its because I am a performer and that I am inviting my friends to events, then good god, about 75% of the people I am friends with on FB should also be disabled.

You suck and you know it.

Ok, now that I have vented. If you are reading this, I hope to be back on FB fairly soon. So hang tight.

BTW, go check out my Funk Yeah! FM site. I have a local guest that I am really excited about. Its going to be live and he is way better than facebook.

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Thank You Fargo!

Very elated about the party in Fargo on Friday. It was nuts. I had a blast with all the people up there and the club was fantastic. To all the Fargo party people out there, THANK YOU!

Special thanks and props to DJ Econ and his crew, the staff at the Aquarium, and of course all the great artist that got the party started!

Check out the video of myself and Chrystal Mann rocking the spot!

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